St. Patrick’s Day with Haters @ Cool Creek Country Club!!!


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Love Haters at the new and soon to be improved Jukebox Nightclub!

You heard that right! The Jukebox Nightclub is changing hands after many years and they have decided to have bands! They approached us and gave us a few dates, the first being Friday, March jukebox13th. Renovations will be ongoing, but the stage will be larger and just big enough for your favorite band of jackballs. In light of the closing of Symposium, we’re hoping that the fine people that frequented that place will gravitate to our new home at Jukebox.

Stay tuned here for any changes that may occur until our first date at Jukebox Nightclub!

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We’ve made the York Daily Record!

Unfortunately, this gig at The Riverside in Lancaster was cancelled months ago. Not sure how the paper got this date. So, to our York People, we are NOT playing this night. There is a pool tourney going on and they didn’t want a band competing against it.


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